The Bartlett School of Architecture


Research projects

Current research

Previous research

  • ENFOLDing: Explaining, Modelling and Forecasting Global Dynamics
  • Public Led Co-production of Heritage
  • VisAge: Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage
  • Spatial Dynamics of the London Furniture Industry
  • Way-finding Signals for Somers Town Cycle to School Network
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Big Data in the Office
  • Augmented Urban Reality
  • Three Dimensional Real-Time Computer Based Space Syntax Analysis   
  • Adaptable Suburbs: a study of the relationship between networks of human activity and the changing form of urban and suburban centres through time
  • Communication Patterns in Outpatient Clinics
  • SocioBuildings
  • City History and Multi-Scale Spatial Masterplanning
  • The Body as Interface
  • Green UCL: Performative Performance
  • Visualisation of heat loss data in buildings & big projection in real scale on the portico to create awareness of environmental issues.
  • Architecture and Narrative: The Formation of Space and Cultural Meaning
  • Detroit - The Fall of the Public Realm: The Street Network and its Social and Economic Dimensions from 1796 to the Present
  • Mapping the East End 'Labyrinth'
  • Rapid Simulation of Complex Form and Material
  • Cityware: urban design and pervasive systems
  • SCREAM: Media screens as a medium for communication
  • Urban Buzz: Building Sustainable Communities
  • E-ArchiDoct: Virtual Campus on post-master Studies in Architecture
  • Arts & the Brain - Spectacles of the Mind
  • Vivacity: Urban sustainability for the twenty-four hour city: development of design-making tools & resources
  • Towards Successful Suburban Town Centres: A study of the relationship between morphology, sociability, economics and accessibility
  • Space and exclusion: the relationship between physical segregation and economic marginalisation in the urban environment
  • Designing for the 21st century: understanding and supporting group creativity in design 
  • Augmented Round Table for Architecture and Urban Planning
  • EQUAL: Configuration and Design in Caring Environments
  • The Housing and Support Needs of Younger People with Impaired Vision
  • RACMIT: Minimising the impact of refurbishment on customer movement
  • Housing Support and Care Needs of Older Visually Impaired People
  • Ecomorphic design of environments
  • EQUAL: Profiling the Housing Stock for Older People: From Domesticity to Caring
  • RADICAL: Research agendas developed in creative arts labs
  • Algorithmic definition of axial lines

Platform Grants

Other Projects

  • Asialink
  • EVAS pedestrian modelling software
  • Pedestrian modelling with spatially-aware agents
  • VIRCON: The Virtual Construction Site
  • An immersive VR 'cave' for manipulation, visualisation & auralisation for applications in design, medicine & computer science
  • Panoramic photo to 3D model 
  • Stilton: 3d model from 2d sketch