The Bartlett School of Architecture


Visualizing Inequality in Community Networks to Enhance Participatory Planning


Community models do not generally represent citizens’ experiences of inequality. Inequalities relate to social and economic status and to spatial access. This means that many people cannot take advantage of a city’s resources because of certain power relationships, represented as ‘power geometries’.

This project will innovate a method to visualize power-relationship experiences with argumentations (a logic tool that ‘unpacks’ people’s arguments). Leading investigators from computing and spatial analysis will analyze and represent cities in terms of both their social infrastructures and power geometries. The novel visualization technology will be measured with respect to its impact on awareness of spatial inequalities.  

For further information please contact Sophia Psarra.


The Bartlett, UCL

Sophia Psarra (Co-I)

Andy-Hudson Smith (PI, CASA)

Jamie O,Brien

Computer Science, UCL

Tony Hunter (Co-I)