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Way-finding Signals for Somers Town Cycle to School Network

The research will implement a network of 6 Schools in the borough of Camden encouraging children to cycle to school within Somers Town.

Somers Town Cycle research project
The project will explore and implement the fabrication, location and field observation of a set of way-finding signals in Somers Town. The signals are designed by Izaskun Chincilla and her team with the intention to be inspirational as well as perform a number of functions such as helping children find the most suitable route; encouraging the community to discover Somers Towns' unique and often unrecognised heritage features; raising awareness of energy management and sustainable strategies in the city; discovering the spatial and multicultural richness of Somers Town.

Sophia Psarra and her team will carry out spatial analysis and data gathering to build up robust research evidence in developing understanding of the patterns of human activity and use, accessibility, and cultural identity.

Observations of the area throughout the project will be visualised through mappings using space syntax analysis and observation data. The resulting data will be used in the project but will also be available in the project’s website and blog, creating a resource for research and future collaborations with the council, public engagement projects within UCL and the wider academic community. 

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Space Syntax Laboratory, UCL

Dr Sophia Psarra
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Fani Kostourou
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Dr Garyfalia Palaiologou
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Sally Hart - Research Assistant

Adriana Cabello Plasencia - Visiting Scholar

Public Engagement Unit, UCL

Izaskun Chinchilla – Public Engagement Fellow (project leader)

Camden Council 

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