The Bartlett School of Architecture



The Bartlett School of Architecture is a community of over 2000 students, staff and practitioners, united by their ambition for architectural exploration.

The Bartlett Summer School

Over 400 staff from around the world teach at The Bartlett School of Architecture, with a student community of over 1700 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. The school engages with a wide network of guest speakers, guest tutors, and visitors, as well as colleagues across the faculty and UCL.  

The school is led by Director, Professor Amy Catania Kulper, who joined in September 2022 and instated an innovative model of Shared Governance. Through this model, the school’s leadership team of academic and managerial experts, are fully accountable active participants in the way the school is run day to day, its vision and purpose.  

Many of our academic staff are part-time, working at the school while also carrying out highly successful work in practice in across a diverse spectrum of activities related to architecture. Our community’s achievements are outstanding and world-renowned, but we recognise that much more must be done to make the study and practice of architecture more equitable, diverse and inclusive, and we are committed to this journey of change. 

Who are we?

The Bartlett School of Architecture is part of UCL, London’s Global University, which counts over 12,000 staff and 40,000 students. The school is led by Professor Amy Kulper, Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture. To find out about our Programme, Project and Stream Directors, our academics and teaching staff and our Professional Services team, please explore the links to your left/below.

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