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The Bartlett School of Architecture Society 


The Bartlett School of Architecture Society (BSAS) is a student-led departmental society with the aim of raising student voices and driving cultural change. BSAS builds on AED’s 2019 call for curriculum change, which identified the significant role that holistic education and the cultures surrounding it play in enabling architects and designers to address social crises. The society’s ambition is to connect the diverse expertise and experiences of the students, providing an opportunity to change the way in which we engage architectural education.
To date, the society has already changed cultural conversations in the school, through initiatives including students interviewing diverse alumni about ’lightbulb moments’. Various discussions included speaking with Arthur Kay about sustainability and biofuels, Asif Khan about FILL IN, Beatrice Galilee about her time curating at the Met, and George Clarke about the climate crisis and the concept of ‘home’. These discussions, and their range of perspectives, invite people to reconsider the idea of ‘success’ in the architectural field. 
The BSAS invites everyone to get involved and work for change with students across the school, and welcomes new committee members.


Committee President: Hannah Simon

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