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Rapid Simulation of Complex Form and Material

Rapid Simulation of Complex Form and Material
This project prototyped a generic suite of analysis, design and optimisation software tools to allow knowledge capture from technical experts and to significantly speed up and de-risk the design/prototyping cycle in new product development.

The project was funded by the Technology Strategy Board as collaborative research between UCL and industry partner Loop.pH Ltd. Loop.pH has established a versatile technique for the creation of structural, architectural textiles for a variety of applications ranging from urban greening and agriculture, interior design and emergency relief shelter. Particular arrangements of linked composite fibre rods have resulted in a system of modular structures that are extremely lightweight and efficient, and naturally deployable.


Sean Hanna, UCL
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Sean is UCL's PI, representing the academic partner in this project. He is responsible for the development of prototype design software for form finding of architectural textiles.

Rachel Wingfield, Loop.pH
Rachel is Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London and co-director of the design studio Loop.pH. Together with Mathias Gmachl, they specialize in lightweight temporary architecture, responsive environments and creates new urban visions.

Mathias Gmachl, Loop.pH
Mathias Gmachl is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher. He is a founding member of farmersmanual, a pan-European, multisensory disturbance conglomerate that presents a stream of constructions since 1995, continuously expanding their practice from music concerts to interdisciplinary cultural, aesthetic and political experiments.