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Historic Urban Landscapes

Historic Urban Landscapes


Historic Urban Landscape Forum is an international networking initiative to raise awareness and constructive dialogue amongst researchers, institutions and practitioners who engage with the timely and multifaceted problematic of the historic urban landscape. The Bartlett UCL, in co-ordination with the UNESCO AD-G Culture under whose aegis the HUL programme Recommendation sits, is organising a two-day event to reflect on the ways urban heritage management can enhance inclusive and sustainable urbanisation, prosperity and wellbeing.

In the face of rapid urbanisation, migration and intercultural exchanges/conflicts, the role of the historic urban landscape as cultural, social and economic resource needs to be redefined via inclusive regulatory systems. The term and concept of the ‘Historic Urban Landscape’ was introduced by UNESCO in the 2005 Vienna Memorandum to promote a holistic approach in urban conservation practices. HUL Forum will look at the scientific assessment of the built environment and focus on the ways interdisciplinary research can provide meaningful and practical insights for interpreting the UNESCO 2011 Historic Urban Landscape Recommendation into evidence-based methodologies. The invited guests will lead a debate around Goal 11 from the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development, Sustainable Cities and Communities. Discussions will address the following core themes related to the historic urban landscape:

Assessment & delineation.

  • Management practice & policy.
  • Cultural diversity, identity & sense of place.
  • Sustainability & wellbeing.

HUL Forum will take place on 21-22 March 2017, at the Bartlett School of Architecture, in University College London.

HUL Forum is funded by a Bartlett Synergy Grant.



  • Dr Falli Palaiologou
  • Dr Kalliopi Fouseki


  • Prof May Cassar
  • Prof Laura Vaughan
  • Dr Kayvan Karimi

External collaborators

  • Prof Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture
  • Prof Mike Turner, UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies


The Bartlett is organising a two-day event which will bring researchers and national and international stakeholders together in a constructive debate in order to formulate an agenda for future research and practice relevant to the topic of the historic urban landscape and its role in urban sustainability.

HUL Forum will host a public lecture by Francesco Bandarin and a full day of workshops. Invited contributions will be showcased on the HUL Forum web domain. The open event and public lecture will be covered by the UCL Digital Media team and showcased via UCL's Streaming Media Channel.


HUL Forum is of international scope. The activity aims to raise awareness and interdisciplinary dialogue amongst stakeholders concerning global challenges that the UNESCO World Heritage sites face as part of rapid urbanisation processes. More specifically, HUL Forum aspires to reflect and elaborate on:

  • Goal 11 of the 2030 SDG; particularly targets 11.3 and 11.4.
  • The assessment of tangible and intangible value of urban heritage against contemporary challenges: sustainable development, inclusive urban growth, intercultural relations and wellbeing;
  • The reformulation the operational frameworks of international institutions and national and local stakeholders on the basis of scientific methods.
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