Religious observance during exams

14 March 2024

Maintaining religious observance as you prepare for exams can help relieve stress and is good for your wellbeing . Here are some useful pieces of advice.

Lit candles being used in religious observance

As you prepare for your Exams there are many things that you can do to help ensure that you perform at your best while looking after your wellbeing. If you are someone for whom faith, religious observances, or spiritual practices are important to your life, it is important to continue to engage with them during your revision and examination periods. These activities provide an important balance to the stress and pressure of exams. They may be a source of encouragement and energy as well as respite and relief. For inspiration read about maintaining mindfulness from a Buddhist perspective and about meditation and yoga.

You can also find specific advice for Ramadan here.

Adjustments for exams

We appreciate that the scheduling of assessments may potentially coincide with religious festivals or other mandatory religious observance. The Central Assessment Timetable uses the UCL Diversity Calendar to schedule online and in-person exams. It is not possible to avoid all religious festivals, but the team will avoid days where work is prohibited for religious reasons. If there is a conflict with your exam timetable, please follow the Academic Adjustments process. If you have any concerns or questions, you may contact Reid Humble, Chaplain and Interfaith Adviser, for further advice.

Resources for assessments

As part of our Exam Season Toolkit campaign, Your Assessment Wellbeing Guide is a Student Support and Wellbeing e-booklet offering practical tips for managing exam stress and maintaining your wellbeing before, during and after exams.

The Central Assessments Team's Assessment success guide offers comprehensive webpages to academically support you through the upcoming assessment season.

Read UCL guidance on how assessments will take place this year.

How UCL Student Support and Wellbeing can help

If you need counselling, support, or just advice before or during the period of Ramadan, make an appointment with one of our caring wellbeing advisers. If you are living in UCL accommodations, speak to your friendly Student Resident Adviser.