Your Assessment Wellbeing Guide

Guiding you through a healthy and successful exam season.

What is Your Assessment Wellbeing Guide?

Here at Student Support and Wellbeing, we understand the many challenges students may face throughout a busy assessment period. Working with the UCL Central Assessments Team, we have produced Your Assessment Wellbeing Guide to help you look after yourself before, during and after your exams.

This guide covers:

  • Spotting the signs of exam stress
  • Practical tips for managing stress
  • Wellness worksheets
  • Maintaining a healthy mind and body
  • Weekly revision timetable
  • Advice on supporting a friend
  • Support resources available at UCL

How to use the guide

  • Read the guide to understand our practical tips and support
  • Use the hyperlinks to access support webpages and services
  • Find the contact details relevant to your needs

The guide is provided as a PDF e-booklet and is available to download. You can print out the booklet using the Print @ UCL services

You can also read our accessible text version of Your Assessment Wellbeing Guide:

Managing panic attacks

This Student Support and Wellbeing video explores why some people experience panic attacks during the exam season, how to spot the symptoms and methods of managing panic.

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