Meet your fellow students in our Virtual Common Rooms

16 October 2020

Given the extraordinary times we are living in, connecting with others is more important than ever. To make this easier for you, UCL has set up Virtual and International Virtual Common Rooms: online spaces where you can meet and talk to people on your course, wherever you are.

A group of friends take part in a video chat on a laptop

Coronavirus continues to affect the way we are living and studying, and for new students in particular, meeting peers and making friends can be a little trickier while restrictions are in place. To combat this, we have created Virtual Common Rooms (VCRs) for you to make connections with fellow students, your department/s, your programme of study and wider UCL.

Each VCR is student-owned and run, and the online spaces have different channels for different activities, including the Noticeboard, which contains information on events, jobs and pertinent information relating to your department, and the Chat channel, a space for general discussion. You can set up your own meetings and drop-in events in the Café channel and get started by introducing yourself in Introductions.

And if you are an international student who has not been able to travel to London yet, we’ve got you covered too! The International Virtual Common Rooms (IVCRs) are run by UCL’s cultural societies and are amazing spaces to meet new people, share ideas and passions, ask questions and build networks in UCL’s global community.

The International Virtual Common Rooms cover different regions around the globe to account for time zones and provide more tailored advice where needed. They are run by the student leaders of our cultural societies, who’ll be sharing their great insights into UCL, and posting valuable information and support tools to help you get the most of your time at UCL, as well as setting up different groups, events and activities for you to get involved in. More than one cultural society will be involved in each regional common room, and will create sub-groups for different countries, interests or cultural groups, which you will be able to participate in. International VCRs have been running since 21st September, so join yours now!

For more information on how to join a VCR or International VCR, and for the VCR Code of Conduct, click here for Departmental VCRs and here for International VCRs.