Whilst at university, it's important to look after your body, mind and those around you. Taking small steps can have a big impact in helping you find balance between your studies and wellbeing.


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The new #WeAreUCL campaign celebrates the diversity and spirit of our community in these extraordinary times.

Events and activities

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Join in with some of our events and activities on campus - everything from therapy dogs to combatting stress workshops and more!

Connect with others

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Spending time with family and friends and supporting one another can help you feel connected and build stronger relationships.

Keep moving

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Finding a physical activity that you enjoy can improve your mood, boost energy and reduce stress.

Expand your horizons

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Learn about study hacks, managing your finances, new opportunities and how to make the most of student life.

Look after your mind

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Being fully present in the moment and learning how to handle stress can help you look after your mental health. 

Help out

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Small acts of kindness can often make a huge difference in the world and in the lives of others.

Support and wellbeing

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There's a wide range of support available at UCL. Learn about how to access this support and how to look out for others. 


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Check out our videos on how to settle into life at UCL and in London, and the support available to you during your here.

Share with UCL

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If you'd like to contribute by sharing your health and wellbeing wisdom with other students at UCL, get in touch!

Illustrations by Maryam Clark, @TheMindofMary

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