UCL Philosophy



UCL has one of the largest philosophy departments in the UK, with research strengths in many areas.


You can also find a list of our staff, by area of specialisation, on the Research page. Here, they are listed alphabetically (by role).

Academic permanent staff
Research fellows
Teaching fellows
Affiliated academic staff
Honorary & Emeritus


Administrative staff

The Department Office is located in room 101 of 19 Gorden Square. The office is currently closed as our administrative staff are working remotely.

Department Manager
Sophie Grant

Graduate Administrator
Richard Edwards

Undergraduate Programme Administrator
Ronan McCoy

Academic staff by administrative role


PhD students
  • Naomi Alderson
  • Showkat Ali: Ethics, Political Philosophy
  • Euan Allison
  • Thomas Avery
  • Sebastien Bishop-Bennett
  • George Britten-Neish
  • Niels Christensen
  • Chandler Clark
  • Nicholas Currie: Early Modern Philosophy, Kant, History of Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Representationalism
  • Catherine Dale: Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Feminist Philosophy, (Later) Wittgenstein
  • Will Eckersley
  • Sepehr Ehsani
  • Taylor Enoch: Absurdism, Aesthetics, Existentialism, Metaphilosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Psychology
  • Jessica Fischer
  • Josh Goh
  • Lisa Grant
  • Tasnim Ismail
  • Charles Jansen
  • Kim Leontiev
  • Heejin Kwon
  • Kirstine La Cour
  • James Laing: Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind
  • Chris Leak
  • Michael Markunas: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception and Neuroscience
  • Rowan Mellor
  • Oushinar Nath
  • Pat Nogoy
  • Bárbara Núñez de Cáceres Gonzalez
  • David Olbrich: Philosophy of Action, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Normativity
  • Filippa Ronquist
  • Rebecca Rowson
  • Vittorio Sandri
  • Kenta Sekine
  • David Sommer
  • Leora Sung
  • Winnie Sung
  • Shunichi Takagi: Early Analytic Philosophy (esp. the Tractatus), Wittgenstein's Nachlass.
  • Nikhil Venkatesh
  • Victor Weber
  • Tom Williams
MPhil Students
  • Lea Bourguignon
  • Lisa Cernilogar
  • Cristina-Diana Craciun
  • Benjamin Davis
  • Kate Fisk
  • Alice Harberd
  • Matthew Harris
  • Lizzy Holt
  • Jack Hume
  • Tyler Leli
  • Hongyi Li
  • Joshua Mellor
  • Alba Miriello
  • Sjoerd Oppenheim
  • Riccardo Pellegrini
  • Elena Raimondi
  • Achilleas Sarantaris
  • Leonardo Serafini
  • Erica Stanley
  • Jean-Philippe Thomas
  • Albin van Latum
  • Anaïs White
  • Fiona Whittingham
  • Ying Xue