UCL Philosophy

Dr Joe Horton

Dr Joe Horton

Associate Professor

Dept of Philosophy

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2017

Research summary

I work mainly on issues in ethics and political philosophy, but I am also interested in rationality and epistemology. My recent work focuses on questions about interpersonal aggregation, suboptimal supererogation, exploitation and egalitarianism, the procreation asymmetry, and normative uncertainty.

Teaching summary

I currently teach 'Topics in Political Philosophy' (second-year undergrad), 'Consequentialism, Kantianism, and the Ideal World' (third-year undergrad, MA, and MPhil), 'The Philosophy of Altruism' (third-year undergrad, MA, and MPhil), and 'Recent Work in Moral Philosophy' (MA and MPhil).


I received my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Southern California in 2018.