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In the 2021 REF (Research Excellence Framework) we were 1st in the UK for 4* rating of research and for Research Impact; one of two Units of Assessment across UCL that achieved 100% 4* for Impact.

Areas of research

We have research strengths in many areas. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of our staff by specialisation. You may also want to visit our People page, where we list all staff and graduate students.

Philosophy of Action
Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art

From the Philosophy Department:

Affiliated academics from the Department of Science & Technology Studies:

History of Philosophy (Ancient)

From the Philosophy Department:

Academics from the Keeling Centre:

History of Philosophy (Other)
Philosophy of Language & Linguistics

From the Philosophy Department:

Affiliated academics from the Division of Psychology & Language Sciences:

Legal Philosophy

From the Philosophy Department:

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Affiliated academics from the Faculty of Laws:

Logic & Mathematics

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Affiliated academics from the Department of Computer Science:

Philosophy of Mind
Political Philosophy

From the Philosophy Department:

Affiliated academics from the Department of Political Science:

Philosophy of Science

From the Philosophy Department:

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There are also several philosophers of science in the Department for Science & Technology Studies.

Research projects

UCL hosts and has hosted several major funded research projects:

Current projects
Recently completed projects
  • Dr Jillian Craigie: Agency, Mental Capacity, and Criminal Responsibility in Mental Disorder (Nuffield Foundation, Wellcome Trust Fellowship)
  • Dr Andrew Cooper: The Road Not Taken: Kant and Organized Systems (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship)
  • Dr María Frápolli: Enriched Minimal Expressivism and Higher-Order Concepts (Marie Curie Fellowship)
  • Prof Sebastian Gardner: Freedom, Nature, and the Pursuit of the Whole (Leverhulme)
  • Dr Marie Guillot: Understanding the Concept of Self as a Phenomenal Concept (Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship)
  • Prof Daniel Rothschild: Context-Sensitivity in Natural Language (AHRC)
  • Prof Daniel Rothschild: Dynamics of Conversation (AHRC)
  • Dr Benedict Rumbold: Patient and Public Involvement in Priority Setting (Wellcome Trust Fellowship)
  • Prof Amia Srinivasan: All the Depths of Believing (Leverhulme Fellowship)
  • Dr Han van Wietmarschen: A Theory of Social Hierarchy (Leverhulme)
  • Prof James Wilson: Human Right to Health and Priority Setting in Health Care (UCL CHIRP)
  • Prof Jonathan Wolff: A Philosophical Review of Poverty (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
  • Prof José Zalarbardo: Mind, Language And Action: Investigating The Connections Between The Physical And The Human Realities’ (British Academy)


Many members of the Philosophy Department are involved with journals and professional societies.

Editors of MIND

MIND was founded in UCL in 1876 by George Croom Robertson. It was the first English-language philosophy journal. MIND is consistently ranked as one of the best philosophy journals in the world, and it remains associated with UCL today: many of its editors are members of UCL's Philosophy Department:

  • Prof Lucy O'Brien: Editor (Joint with Adrian Moore)
  • Prof Tim Button: Associate Editor
  • Dr Andreas Ditter: Associate Editor
  • Dr Joe Horton: Associate Editor
  • Dr Fiona Leigh: Associate Editor
  • Dr Rory Madden: Associate Editor
  • Prof James Wilson: Associate Editor
Editors of other journal
Learned societies