UCL Philosophy

Dr Ulrike Heuer

Dr Ulrike Heuer

Associate Professor

Dept of Philosophy

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2017

Research summary

Research Interests

I’m currently working on a number of topics in the philosophy of action and in ethics: on the nature of intentional agency and the question how acting intentionally relates to acting for a reason; and on the notion of responsibility, its grounds and its limits. Much of my work is on practical reasons which is perhaps a common thread in most of my writings: e.g. on the relation of values and reasons, on buckpassing and the so-called ‘wrong kind of reasons problem’ as well as on the relevance of desire for understanding practical reasons. I have also worked on some problems in normative ethics, in particular the paradox of deontology, and the explanation of promissory obligation. For more information, please see my website: www.ulrikeheuer.net

Teaching summary


This year, I’m teaching Responsibility, Luck and Excuses (for third year undergraduates and postgraduates, Thesis Prep (for second year MPhil students) and a research seminar on practical reasons and rationality.



Ulrike Heuer has received her PhD from the Free University in Berlin. Before coming to UCL, she was an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, and before that an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She also held fixed term positions at Columbia University, and Barnard College, and was a Faculty Fellow at the Safra Institute for Ethics at Harvard University, as well as at Murphy Institute at Tulane University, and most recently she has been a Visiting Research Professor at the University of Vienna as part of the ERC advanced project "Distortions of Normativity".