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Professor Daniel Rothschild

Research Interests

Much of my work focuses on broad theoretical issues in semantics, the study of the way language encodes meaning, and pragmatics, the study of how meaningful language gets used.  However, I often turn to the minutiae of language to look for evidence for different semantic and pragmatic theories.  This has led me to spend much time thinking about very short words in English such as ‘if’, ‘the’, and ‘she’ as well as their counterparts in other languages.  Here is a more opaque list of topics I have worked on: presupposition, negative polarity items, logical connectives, epistemic modals, pronouns, descriptions, expressivism, game-theoretic pragmatics, dynamic semantics, semantic scope, indicative conditionals, probability operators, the de re, and truth-maker semantics.


Every year I teach a class on formal methods in philosophy, called Worlds, Sentences and Measures, which is open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The rest of my teaching shifts around from year to year, but usually involves graduate classes in philosophy of language or linguistics as well as undergraduate courses in philosophy of language, game and decision theory, or philosophy of cognitive science.

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Prof Daniel Rothschild




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