UCL Philosophy

Dr James Wilson

Dr James Wilson

Senior Lecturer

Dept of Philosophy

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2008

Research summary

I am a philosopher and ethicist. My research integrates philosophy with other relevant disciplines, such as epidemiology, economics and political theory, to explore conceptual and practical challenges in the sustainable and equitable improvement of human wellbeing. I focus particularly on public health ethics, and the ownership and governance of ideas and information.

Many people (especially philosophers themselves) tend to assume that philosophy is not a practical discipline. Philosophy’s supposed lack of utility is seen as a badge of pride by some philosophers, and a reason to dismiss it by somewhat greater numbers of nonphilosophers.

Both are mistaken. Philosophy done well springs from, and returns to, the problems we face in living in the world. The problems that most urgently require philosophical reflection in any generation will usually be those which come out of changed conditions of human life, rather than those which simply continue long-running philosophical debates at a greater level of sophistication. John Dewey put it best: “Philosophy recovers itself when it ceases to be a device for dealing with the problems of philosophers and becomes a method, cultivated by philosophers, for dealing with the problems of men.”

I focus particularly on public health ethics, and the ownership and governance of ideas and information. For more information about my research, and to download some of my papers, you can go to my website: http://publicethics.net

Teaching summary

I am Director of MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health, and co-director of MA Health Humanities. I teach modules in ethics, political philosophy and aesthetics -- particularly focusing on public health ethics. In 2019-20 I am teaching modules on Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health, and Illness in the Autumn term, and will be on research leave in the Spring Term. 


University of London
PhD, Philosophy | 2002
University of Bristol
BA Hons, Greek and Philosophy | 1994


I have been at UCL since 2008, first as Lecturer in Philosophy and Health, and then as Senior Lecturer in Philosophy. I am Vice-Dean (Interdisciplinarity) for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and am co-director of the UCL Health Humanities Centre.  I am also Director of MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health, and co-Director of MA Health Humanities.

In 2011-12, I spent nine months on secondment to the Royal Society, working on the Science as an Open Enterprise report. This report identifies the principles, opportunities and problems of sharing scientific information, and makes a number of recommendations to scientists and their institutions, policymakers and others about how to create a socially responsible open data regime.

Before I arrived at UCL in 2008, I was Lecturer in Ethics for four years (2004-8) at the Centre for Professional Ethics, Keele University, and held temporary lectureships in Philosophy at Birkbeck (2003-4) and University of Roehampton (2002-3). I received my PhD (an examination of Kantian accounts of morality) from UCL in 2002.

My roles outside of UCL include:

  • Associate editor of Public Health Ethics (since 2015)

  • Independent member of the NHS Digital Data Access Advisory Group (2015--7)

  • Member of the National Data Guardian's Panel (2016--)

  • Academic ethicist for General Practice Extraction Service Independent Advisory Group (2013-15)

  • Joint coordinator of the International Association of Bioethics’s Philosophy and Bioethics Network (INPAB) (since 2007).  The network aims to promote high quality philosophical reflection in bioethics. INPAB also runs a mailing list.