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Training and Skills

When engaging with Open Science it is important that we identify and address training needs across all of our audiences. 

This page, along with our page highlighting the research community, is designed as a one stop shop for all of the training available across the university. Get in touch if you would like your training adding to our page, or would like to use the Open@UCL blog to promote your training course or event.

UCL Training

There are many sources of training across UCL, delivered by different teams online and in person:

Open Education

UCL has a global reputation for providing research-based education, which includes a commitment to transmit education and educational outputs to a wider audience, and so naturally is strong advocate of Open Education. We have taken the view that the Education and Skills ‘pillar’ should also incorporate Open Education. UCL has actively promoted Open Education to staff and students, creating a presence for Open Education within the university. In addition, an Open Education Resources repository – OpenEd@UCL – was launched in 2018.

Events and Training feed

Upcoming webinar: Focus on Open Science

The UCL Office for Open Science & Scholarship is collaborating with the University of Stockholm and Scientific Knowledge Services on organising an Open Science Webinar on 18 June.

Open Science started as a vision, aiming to address matters like research reproducibility and access to the results of publicly-funded research. The vision was generally welcomed by academic and research institutions and has benefited from a great advocacy movement. It’s high time now to build on practice and effective management.

Upcoming event: UCL Festival of Code

The UCL Festival of Code (14-18 June 2021) celebrates the contribution software and coding communities make to research and innovation.  Register for the opportunity to learn new skills, tools and insights, as well as to build your network across UCL.

Brexit and Beyond – what does copyright look like post-Brexit?

On Monday 17th May, we brought together three experts for an in depth look at the impact that Brexit has already had on copyright in the UK and what could be coming next.

Catherine Stihler (CEO Creative Commons), Ben White (Researcher, Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management, Bournemouth University) and Dr Emily Hudson (Reader in Law, King’s College London) all brought their own distinct backgrounds and experiences to bear on this topic for a truly interesting discussion.

UCL Open Science Conference Day 1: Monday 26th April

We have now collated all of the recordings and uploaded them to UCL Media Central, a full write-up of the event and some remaining questions will follow next week.

Day 2 content is also available

13:10 – 13:40 Open Science – looking to the future: Jean-Claude Burgelman

13:40 – 13:55 Open Science at UCL – looking to our future: Paul Ayris

Upcoming Reproducibility seminars from Leiden University

Leiden University Libraries (UBL) are hosting a series of online seminars on the challenges involved in achieving reproducibility in research.

The seminars aim to identify best practices that can help to overcome central challenges around reproducibility, and to convey several concrete guidelines that can help researchers during their attempts to make their own research transparent and verifiable. While discussions of crucial theoretical concepts will get ample attention, the seminars will also showcase experiences gained during various case studies.