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Research Data Storage Service

A large scale facility for storing research data whilst your project is ongoing.

Register a new project

Request a new space for your research project (VPN required for access from outside UCL).

Administration interface

Manage access and keep track of your storage quota (VPN required for access from outside UCL).


Answers to common queries about this service.

Key features

  • Stores data used in active, ongoing research projects.
  • 1TB allocated at no-cost (additional capacity available to purchase on a per TB per year basis)
  • Fully backed-up daily.
  • Directly accessible via your computer’s Network Drive.
  • Data life-cycle management
  • Online administration tool for PIs (or project administrators) to manage project space.
  • Contextual information to support data management.
  • Specialist technical support available at researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk.
  • Additional capacity available to purchase. It is costed on a per TB per year basis.
  • Access for project collaborators at other institutions (More information here)


The Research Data Storage Service is a centrally-provided service for UCL researchers needing somewhere to store and share their research data during the active phase of a research project. It consists of a petabyte-scale storage facility suitable for all shapes and sizes of data, including very large files.

Rather than providing personal data storage, the service follows a project-based approach. Researchers can create projects, define the membership of that project and how long they will last, then upload and download files to and from the designated project space. Files are accessible only to named project members. Projects may be extended, their membership altered, or storage quotas amended via the admin interface.


There is no charge for projects requiring 1TB of storage.  Above this, storage is charged at £50 per TB per year, which can usually be costed in to funding bids. If you’d like to discuss costs further please get in touch with the RDS team.

When charging storage to a funded project, please bear in mind that funders will usually only cover the costs of managed storage during the lifetime of the project. Once a project ends we recommend moving any important data (and certainly any data underpinning a publication) to a long-term data repository, such as the UCL Research Data Repository.

Project End of Life Policy

Before a project reaches its end date, the Project PI and any administrators will receive a reminder asking them to request an extension, publish, or delete their data. If a project is not extended, access will remain available up to three months after the end date, although no new members may be added to the project during this period. After three months a project will be considered ‘closed’, and write access will be terminated, although read access is retained. If no further instructions are received, after one year any data remaining in a closed project will be archived and access from then on will only be available by request.
For information please see RDSS end-of-project-life policy

Deletions Policy

Unless requested to do so in writing, UCL will not delete any files held in the Research Data Storage Service until a minimum of one year after a project has reached its end date, and then not without the consent of the Principal Investigator of a project, or, in the event that the PI be uncontactable, a designated project administrator. If no appropriate members of a project are contactable then the Research Data Services team will seek advice from the PI’s Head of Department or a designated Data Steward before deleting any files.

Our policies are kept under regular review.

User guides and support

We have a large selection of guides to help you access and use your storage. Please see the RDSS Access Guide

You can find answers to a lot of commonly asked questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

General enquiries and requests for support should be sent to: researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk