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Limestone head of Min-Amun presented on black background
Tutankhamun the Boy: Growing Up in Ancient Egypt
30th Sep 2022 - 1st Dec 2023
Exhibition graphic showing stylised speech bubbles against a yellow background
Not Just Words
11th Jan 2023 - 15th Dec 2023
A man wearing a black T-shirt demonstrates a small handheld device to a man and woman who stand either side of him
UCLB: 30 Years in Business
14th Jun 2023 - 13th Oct 2023
A collage of photographs of groups of students through history, tinted in mid blue and lime green
Generation UCL: 200 Years of Student Life in London
25th Sep 2023 - 18th Aug 2024
A man with dark hair and beard sings into a microphone in front of a music stand with sheet music on it. Behind him is a museum display of an animal skeleton.
The art of creative collaboration
27th Sep 2023
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Collage style compilation of photographs of students across the history edited in two-wave neon yellow and lilac colour balance.
Generation UCL: 200 Years of Student Life in London
Close-up of a plaster life mask
Prejudice in Power
A still from a film showing three figures as silhouettes backlit in what looks like a nightclub setting
Blueprints of Hope
Graphic using a patterned image of the Earth and the text 'Performing Planet Activism'
Performing Planet Activism
A man with dark hair wears a VR headset in a gallery space with friezes behind him on the wall
Virtual Exhibitions
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