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UCLDH is composed of a management team, an multidisciplinary team of staff and PhD students from across the College, an Industry Advisory Panel, as well as visiting and affiliated contributors. We are affiliated to the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies.

UCLDH Management Team


UCLDH Honorary Members

  • Simon Mahony: Emeritus Professor of Digital Humanities, Department of Information Studies, UCL; Executive Director of the Research Centre for Digital Publishing and Digital Humanities, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai; Visiting Professor, Department of Information Management, Peking University.
  • Claire Bailey-Ross: Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
  • Melissa Terras: Honorary Professor of Digital Humanities UCLDH, Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage and Director of Digital Scholarship, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh.
  • Claire Warwick: Visiting Professor of Digital Humanities, UCL Department of Information Studies; Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Research, Durham University.
  • Peter Williams: Honorary Research Fellow, UCL Department of Information Studies

UCLDH-affiliated PhD Students

  • Paolo Casani (2014-2024) works on examining the changes that ubiquitous internet and communication technologies (ICTs) induce into the aesthetic dimension by enacting new modes of perception, and how these in turn colour, filter and exclude aspects of how we come to understand our selves and the world. Supervisors: Julianne Nyhan and Jenny Bunn.
  • Nenna Orie Chuku (2019-26) is exploring return migration in the African diaspora, through oral histories, participatory mapping, and visualisations. Supervisors: Oliver Duke-Williams, Annemaree Lloyd and Adam Crymble.
  • Sarah Edwards (2019-23) is researching how literature is changing in the digital age and exploring how the internet and digital media influence the way people write and think.
  • Martina Fisk is researching how scientific knowledge on environmental problems is produced and used in policy decision making.
  • Huihuang Jia (2019-25) works in audiovisual translation, media accessibility and cognitive translation studies.
  • Marco Humbel (2018-23) is researching heritage organisations and how they might open up their collections with participatory communities. Supervisors: Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn and Antonis Bikakis.
  • Aleksandra Kaye (2018-23) is aiming to develop a more dynamic model of the effects of migration on knowledge creation and transmission. Supervisors: Nicola Miller and Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski
  • Kalliopi Kontiza (2014-23), working on Cognitive Based Visualisation Framework for Exploring Structured Cultural Heritage Data. Supervisors: Antonis Bikakis, Rob Miller and Pete Williams.
  • Deborah Leem (2017-23), working on computational approaches to deciphering the information architectures of Hans Sloane's catalogues of his collections. Supervisors: Julianne Nyhan.
  • Zehao Li (2020-24) is building up computational spatial models on different ancient walls across Eurasia. Supervisor: Andrew Bevan and Tim Williams.
  • Bingjun Liu (2019-23), works on widening information access to digital museums via mobile technologies. Supervisors:Oliver Duke-Williams and Adam Crymble.
  • Alice Riddell (2015-2023) is doing her thesis on the 'Citizen App and the Digital Panopticon: Lateral Surveillance and Live Crime Tracking in New York City Neighbourhoods'.

UCLDH Industry Advisory Panel

UCLDH Affiliates

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