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Bibliometrics support and training

These pages have information on training sessions at UCL and external training resorces relating to bibliometrics.

For help, guidance or individual training in bibliometrics contact bibliometrics@ucl.ac.uk.

UCL training material

UCL Library Services offers training on bibliometrics as part of some scheduled training programmes. Sessions may also be arranged on demand. Contact bibliometrics@ucl.ac.uk for more information or to make an appointment.

Online training

Introductory material

There is a short training module, a video and accompanying questions, to introduce the new bibliometrics policy. It is suitable for all users and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Take the introductory module

There are also a set of four practical lessons on the LibrarySkills@UCL module, covering

These are all stand-alone units, each one with a video and set of exercises, covering Web of Science, Scopus, and where relevant Google Scholar.

Overview material

The Library offers a more comprehensive course as part of the UCL Doctoral Skills Development Program & Research Staff Development Program. It is targeted at doctoral students and academics, though is open to all. It assumes you are comfortable with navigating and searching in Web of Science and/or Scopus; if you are new to these tools, we would recommend completing the Search Strategies for Literature Searching course first.

The course covers a basic introduction to what bibliometrics are, and some of the most commonly used bibliometric indicators. It discusses the importance of the responsible use of bibliometric data, the problems and limitations associated with its use, and which indicators are appropriate in which contexts. It will show how to use Web of Science and Scopus to discover bibliometric data for individual papers and authors, and how to use InCites to discover aggregated and normalised bibliometric data for groups of papers and for institutions.

It is currently available online as a lesson in the LibrarySkills@UCL Moodle, including videos and exercises, for you to complete at your own pace. We estimate it might take up to three hours including exercises.


The Library and OVPR have produced a course to give a basic introduction to using InCites and MyOrganisation, running simple queries and exporting data, and introduce some more complex topics such as analysing collaborations. It will also discuss which normalised bibliometric indicators can be used responsibly to give a meaningful idea of citation impact.

It is targeted at academic administrators, but it is open to all users. It is currently online via the LibrarySkills@UCL Moodle, with a walkthrough video and question set for you to complete at your own pace. We estimate it might take two to three hours including exercises.

Upcoming sessions

These sessions look at the use of bibliometrics as a measure of the impact of articles, journals or authors. Note: due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all training is currently being delivered online, and many scheduled sessions have been suspended.

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External training