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Sexual misconduct and violation

It is unacceptable for any person at UCL, whether staff or student, to be subjected to any unwanted and persistent behaviour of a sexual nature. UCL is working with the Students Union to implement a two-year action plan to tackle issues of sexual harassment and make sure that staff and students have access to relevant training. Any UCL student experiencing sexual harassment may access confidential support from a range of sources including their personal tutor or any other member of staff in their department or faculty who they trust, their Hall Warden, or a Students' Union student officer. Support is also available from the trained staff in the Students' Union Advice Service:

Students' Union Advice Service 

UCL Student Mediator

Further information:

Zero Tolerance programme to tackle sexual misconduct

Support for students who have been affected by sexual violation

UCL will do its utmost to support anyone who has been, or is being, affected by sexual violence. If a student would like to talk to somebody at UCL, the Student Support and Wellbeing Team can offer advice on the support available both internally and externally.

Further information:

Support available for students affected by sexual misconduct and/or sexual violation