PhD community

More information about PhD study at UCL History can be accessed through the online prospectus. Any additional questions can be directed to the PGR administrator, Jess Hindes, or to the graduate tutor Thom Rath.

Current PhD students

Catherine Beck
'Patronage in the Royal Navy, 1776-1815'

Ali Bennett
'Ethnographic Collecting and the Material Culture of Imperialism in East Africa, c.1880-1920'

Melissa Benson
'Violence and the Persian Empire (539-ca.519 BCE)'

Alys Beverton
'Perceptions of Mexico in US political discourse, 1863-1896'

Raul Burgos Pinto
'Beyond Nostalgia: Transnational Conservatism in Chile, 1932-1973'

Andrea Cremona
'The Ancient Roman collegia and sodalitates sacerdotum from the third to the fifth century CE'

Amar Daugman
'The Martyrs of Najran: A Re-examination of the Evidence'

James Dawkins
'The Presence of the Dawkins Family in England and Jamaica, 1763-1833'

Alessandro De Arcangelis
'Hegelians on the Slopes of Vesuvius: A Transnational Study in the Intellectual History of Naples, 1799-1861'

DeAnn Deluna
'War and Peace and English Taxation, 1660-1664'

Vincent Fourcade
''“ἡ πεζὴ στρατιὰ καὶ τὸ ναυτικὸν”: Reintegrating the Navy into Ancient Greek Warfare, 499-362 BC'

Karolina Frank
'The Oracle of Dodona: The socio-economic aspects of oracular consultation'

Natalia Gándara Chacana
'Imperial and republican images of the Chilean Sea, from the mid-18th century to the mid-19th century'

Nathan Goh
'Free trade and the breakdown of racial hierarchies in the British colonial mind-set, 1819-1869'

Cristina González Mestre
'The Translation of Macedonian Military Models to Asia Minor in the 3rd Century BC'

Matt Griffin
'The Environmental Imagination and Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Politics'

Anastazja Grudnicka
'Religious Culture at the Court of Holy Roman Emperor Matthias I Habsburg (1577-1612)'

Johannes Hartmann
'The German Notgeld, 1914-1924'

Alfred Hinrichsen-Herrera
'The Frontiers of Chilean Nationalism: Foreigners, Indigenous People, and Neighbours, 1840-1930'

Shane Horwell
'Taxation in British economic and political thought, 1733-1816'

Chaitanya Kanchan
'Empire's Inner Theatre: Interiority and Assyrian Administration 745-669 BC'

Janet Kroll
'Positions of power in Dionysius of Halicarnassus's work. An examination of the concepts of kingship, tyranny and absolute power in the Roman Antiquities'

Shiru Lim
'Philosophical Kingship in Enlightenment Europe: Frederick II, Catherine II, and their correspondence with the philosophes'

Ryan Low
'New Questions about an Old Inquisitor: The Life and Works of Bernard Gui'

Hélène Maloigne
'Describing and Depicting the Ancient Near East in Interwar Britain'

Amy Miller
'The Globe-Trotter on the Eastern Grand Tour, 1870-1920'

Brooke Palmieri
'Compelling Reading: The Circulation of Quaker Texts'

Sotirios Christos Peithis
'Tactical and Strategic Communications in Ancient Greek Warfare'

Beatrice Pestarino
'The political-administrative structure in Cyprus during the Archaic and Classical periods'

Grace Redhead
'The history of sickle cell anaemia in postwar Britain'

Jack David Sargeant
'The spaces of provincial politics in the English Revolution'

Tom Sharrad
'Edward Backhouse Eastwick (1814-1883): A Life at the Fringes of Empire'

Andrew Short
'"Our Land for Christ": Home Missions, Race, and Nation-Building in Late-Nineteenth Century US'

Samuel Sigere
'Felicitas: The relationship between the divine and the Roman community'

Mark Power Smith
'The "Young America" movement: American nationalism and the natural law tradition, 1844-1861'

Francesco Strocchi
'Author and authorship: Caesar and his editors'

Xueyan (Juno) Sun
'Representations of Chinese in Hollywood films from the 1930s to the 1990s'

David Tiedemann
'Britain and the United States at the World's Fairs, 1851-1893'

Kevin Tuffnell
'"A Just and Honourable Peace"’: the negotiation of the Treaty of Utrecht in British Politics and Political Discourse, 1708 to 1713'

Marjolein van Bavel
'The narratives of British women who posed for Playboy magazine between the 1960s and the 1990s'

Roderick White
'Locus Classicus: Origin Brands in Ancient Rome c. 100 BC-c. AD 130'

Benedict Wiedemann
'Papal Overlordship and protectio of the King, c.1000-1300'

Deborah Woolf
'A study of the guest and host relationship and its applications in Chinese Medicine'

Dolly Yang
'An exploration of the significance of the Daoyin [therapeutic, 'leading and guiding'] exercises in Zhubing Yuanhou Lun'

Agata Zielinska
'Institutionalising the Latin Church in Poland in the 13th and 14th centuries'

Emma Zürcher
'Territorial loss and moral affliction at the time of the Crusades'