Tom Campbell-Moffat

Tom's research focusses on using a five-part model for 'the ancient state' to analyse the transition from the western Roman empire to the post-Roman successor kingdoms in the fifth century AD and beyond. By employing a novel methodological approach to a well-worn subject, he hopes not only to better chart the end of the western Roman state, but also to outline issues in the culturalist/structuralist mode in which the debate is at present largely conducted.

Tom has also contributed to The Modern Romanist, a blog aiming to address current topics with recourse to ancient Roman source material, and has delivered presentations at multiple conferences on the subject of late Roman history (including one appearance at a conference on antique periods in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien).


Supervisor: Dr Benet Salway
Working title: The value of AD 476: Charting the end of the western Roman state
Expected completion date: March 2023


Roman Republic (HIST0156)
Roman Empire (HIST0152)
Writing History (HIST0007)
Approaching History (HIST0003)