Mario Maritan

Mario's research focuses on the port city of Trieste under Habsburg rule from 1848 to 1867. Through analysis of primary sources such as newspapers, pamphlets, and documents pertaining to the various ethno-religious communities of the city, he is researching inter-ethnic relations and dynastic loyalty in Trieste. Instead of relying on the traditional trope that conceives of Trieste as already an 'Italian' city in the nineteenth century, and sees relations between the various nationalities of the Habsburg Monarchy as conflictual, he is interested in expressions of peaceful coexistence such as intermarriage, bilingualism, national hybridity, municipal identity, and cosmopolitanism.


  • Supervisor: Professor Axel Körner
  • Working title: 'Inter-ethnic relations and dynastic loyalty in Habsburg Trieste from 1848 to 1867'
  • Expected completion date: 2020