Stephanie Ashton-Sanchez

Stephanie's project examines the process of nation-building in Colombia between 1880 and 1930 through a local lens. Her thesis asks whether elite constructions of collective identity were appropriated or reconfigured locally, and furthermore, whether elites adjusted their national project in response to local dynamics. In marrying the micro and the macro, her project promises to: capture divergences and similarities between local and dominant iterations of nationalism; expound on the interplay of the local and the national; probe how global forces shape these interactions; and unravel whether the local realm constitutes an underplayed aspect of nationalism.

Before undertaking her postgraduate research, Stephanie worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.


Supervisor: Nicola Miller
Working title: 'The local shapes the nation: collective identity in Colombia, 1880-1930'
Expected completion date: 2022