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British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy 

All trainees on the UCL programme receive a thorough training in CBT, and are usually eligible to apply for accreditation with the BABCP after they qualify from the programme (via the individual accreditation route).

From 2016 onwards the BABCP has accredited a CBT training 'pathway' through the programme; those trainees who follow it will be eligible for accreditation with the BABCP when they qualify.

There are some specific requirements associated with the pathway that restrict the number of trainees who can undertake it - in particular the need for CBT placements to be supervised by BABCP-accredited supervisors. Because not all CBT therapists are accredited with the BABCP this condition reduces the number of potential placements.

On the whole trainees on the pathway follow the usual pattern of activities associated with training in clinical psychology, but there are some differences, and it is important for trainees and supervisors to have a clear sense of what is expected of them.

The aim of this page is to bring together all the information needed by trainees, supervisors and course staff in relation to the CBT pathway.

General information about the CBT pathway
Setting up placements that contribute to the CBT pathway
Forms for monitoring and logging CBT experience on the CBT pathway
Criteria for 'additional' case reports and essay
Case Reports and Essay Submission Deadlines
Scales for structured observation of recordings

UCL rating scales for Generic and CBT competence

UCL have developed two rating scales to help supervisors and trainees undertake structured observation. The first focuses on competence in the application of generic therapy skills; the second focuses on CBT therapy skills.

For each scale there is:

A brief information sheet:

A rating scale:

A scoring sheet:

Cognitive Therapy Scale (Revised) - CTS-R

Additional resources

CBT competence framework

Record of CBT Pathway Case Reports and Essay
Log of CBT Teaching
Frequently Asked Questions