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Workshops & Conferences

The Course offers a regular programme of supervision workshops, along with termly conferences that supervisors can attend. Our aim is to support their role as supervisors and clinical practitioners.


DClinPsy Conferences in the Heart of London

At the end of each term the Course holds a conference on major topics of current clinical and professional interest. Conferences are attended by trainees, supervisors and UCL Staff. They aim to foster the links between the Course and supervisors in the region by supporting continuing professional development.

Upcoming conference

Fat Discrimination and Liberation in our Practice

Fri, Mar 22, 2024, 2:00 PM - 5:00PM

Online Via Zoom


About this event

Fatphobia is when people perceived to be “too fat” are the targets of prejudice and discrimination. Fatphobia is an important social justice issue that has been well-documented across society, including in the health and mental health profession. Fat liberation seeks to identify and alleviate systemic anti-fat bias and individual prejudice, advocating for the unlearning of internalised fat bias and oppression. It is a movement tied to multiple intersectional struggles against oppression and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with struggles against racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, and others. Fat liberation not only seeks to normalise fat bodies, but to celebrate them.

It is vitally important that we Clinical Psychologists educate ourselves about fat-phobia and how it operates to disempower and harm the people we work with. Our hope is that this conference will breed reflection and equip you with knowledge so that you may prevent the endorsement of fatphobia in your practice, and support people on their path to fat liberation.

We intentionally use the word “fat” as a value-neutral descriptor for our conference title. This usage reclaims the word and strips it of the negative meaning it has acquired, in line with the preferences of organisations that advocate for fat rights. (Meadows & Daníelsdóttir, 2016).



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Past conferences

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Supervisor Workshops

UCL, Royal Holloway University of London and UEL run a joint programme of free workshops for supervisors of Clinical Psychology trainees. Details can be found in the following link: