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Day Conference: New Directions in IAPT

With the successful roll out of IAPT for primary care, NHS England has begun to focus attention on IAPT for more complex presentations and for secondary care.  Over the past few years a number of initiatives and demonstration sites have been developed to evaluate service models for IAPT-SMI (bipolar, psychosis, and personality disorder), for children, for long-term conditions, and for LD.  In addition the IAPT initiatives have provided considerable practice based data sets which are being used to inform guidelines for psychological therapies and further service developments and effectiveness studies. 

This conference is an opportunity to learn more about new directions in IAPT beyond primary care and how to use the growing evidence to inform and develop local services.

Speakers include:

· Kevin Jarman, Deputy Director of IAPT for NHS England 'The current state and future directions for IAPT'

· Professor Steve Pilling, UCL  - 'Using Large Datasets to inform service development and policy'

· Dr Miriam Fornells-Ambrojo, UCL  - 'Challenging Assumptions about people with psychosis'

· Dr Janet Feigenbaum, UCL/NELFT 'IAPT for Personality Disorder: the IMPART model'

· Professor Peter Fonagy, UCL - 'IAPT for Children'

· Dr Jon Freeman, Swindon  'LIFT: IAPT for Long term conditions'

· Professor Dave Dagnan 'IAPT and individuals with a Learning Disability'

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