UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Practitioner Wellbeing

Friday 14th December 2018

Recently increasing attention has been paid to mental health problems among practitioners and trainee practitioners in the mental health field. Alongside concern about high rates of stress related absence and burnout it is also increasingly recognised that mental health professionals can have dual status as providers and users of mental health services. This event presents various initiatives in place to support wellbeing generally among mental health providers as well as those designed to support dual status professionals who in the past have often felt they had to struggle in silence.

Speakers Include:

· Amra Rao – Chair, DCP Leadership & Management Faculty and CLaN Chair, The Psychological Practitioner Wellbeing Charter

· Benna Waites & Natalie Stott, Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Supporting staff wellbeing through a comprehensive programme of activities

· Harriet Mills, Anna Hildebrand, Henry Clements & Katrina Scior, UCL, Supporting mental health providers in decisions about sharing their own mental health difficulties: The HOP-MHP project