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Trainee Research


Trainees carry out their major research project over the three years of the course. They also do a small piece of service-related research in their first year. 

This part of the website provides access to research-related resources, for both trainees and their supervisors. Trainees should refer to Moodle for the Research Project Handbook.

Members of the public, and also UCL students and staff, are invited to participate in projects currently recruiting participants.


Research Project Handbook     

The research project handbook on Moodle is split into multiple parts. Students should be able to access it here.

  1. The Major Research Project Guidelines: this section will provide an overview of all the guidance required for the project, information on recruitment and data collection.
  2. Supervisors: Guidelines for both trainees and supervisors is available in this section.
  3. Proposal, Ethics & Funding: This section provides guidance on all of these aspects of the research project and write up guidelines.
  4. Literature Review: Guidance on the literalture review and the various formats are found here.
  5. Thesis Write Up, Submission, Viva & Examiner's Criteria: This final section provides all the information and guidance you require for writing up your project, submission instructions and examiners' criteria.
Research Log
UCL has a mandatory system for recording doctoral student progress. Further information on this and monitoring progress is available in this section of the handbook.
The Service-Related Project

The link below takes you to the section of the training handbook on the SRP

(Note that the project has recently been renamed as the "service-related project", but the old name of "service-related research project" may still be found in course documentation.)

> Service-related project guidelines

Past Research Projects
Completed theses

> Full list of DClinPsy theses (excel)

Service-Related Research projects can be found under Trainee Intranet tab due to confidentiality issues.

List of Trainee Publications

This is a list of all known publications arising from the theses of trainees on the UCL DClinPsy (and its predecessor MSc) up to 2024.

> Publication list (excel)

Test Library

The DClinPsy course has a comprehensive test library. Please let the Research Administrator know if you have any suggestions for additional items.

Test are available for reference or short-term loan to course staff and trainees. To borrow a test, please see the Research Administrator in the General Office. The loans procedure is set out in the test library policy document.

Many thanks to the UCL Friends Programme and to NHS London for grants which have enabled us to expand the Test Library's resources.

Trainee Book Library

Catalogue of books held (doc)

If you'd like to borrow a book, please see the academic adminstrator in Rm 436 (up to 3 books may be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days).

> Catalogue of books heldIf you'd like to borrow a book, please see the academic adminstrator in Rm 436 (up to 3 books may be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days).

Research Project File

This file is held in the General Office, and holds information under the following headings:

Section 1Sample D.Clin.Psy. research project proposals (used with permission)
Section 2

Department Resources 

Test Library: List of current "stock" held. 

Trainee Book Library: index of books held 

Educational Psychology's Resource Guide (for child tests/measures)