Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging


About us

CABI hosts 12 state-of-the-art imaging modalities and has a long-standing track record in the development of imaging techniques. The Centre has published over 300 papers including publications in Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Medicine and The Lancet, and novel biomedical imaging tools have been translated into clinical practice

The Centre provides state-of-the-art High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Photoacoustic Imaging, Ultrasound, Bioluminescence and Fluorescence imaging, CT, Optical Projection Tomography, Confocal Endoscopy, High-Resolution Episcopic Microscope, Single Plane Illumination Microscopy as well as SPECT and PET. The Centre is located in the heart of the UCL campus and is ideally suited for cross-disciplinary work in neuroscience, cardiovascular biology and oncology.

Our aims are to establish an integrated strategy for the development of novel biomedical imaging technologies to further understand the mechanisms of disease and develop therapeutic strategies. Furthermore we aim to deliver a multimodal imaging programme to investigate the molecular, functional and structural consequences of the disease process on a range of different scales.

CABI is part of the Division of Medicine.