Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging


MSc Advanced Biomedical Imaging

MSc Advanced Biomedical Imaging is for scientists, technicians and clinicians who want to begin a career in the exciting field of imaging.


Why this MSc?

  • UCL is one of the top universities in the world
  • Taught by leading research scientists and clinicians
  • Train in one of the world's most advanced imaging centres

What will I learn?

  • State of the art imaging (MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear, Optical)
  • To image experimental cancer heart failure and neurodegeneration
  • Hands-on reserach projects
  • Leading science communication

Where will it lead?

  • Excellent career and PhD options
  • Work placements in academia and industry
  • Direct links to UCL PhD programmes

For detailed information on this course including course content, fees and how to apply, please go to our MSc Advanced Biomedical Imaging course page


In the last century biological imaging has changed our view of ourselves and the world around us.

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate & President of The Royal Society

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INVICRO supports this exciting MSc in Advanced Biomedical Imaging and is looking forward to meeting the latest intake of students