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Patient Finance and Public Banking

IIPP research explores new forms of public banks, finance and governance to promote sustainable investment, working with public sector financial institutions and governments.


Tackling today's societal challenges, from Covid-19 recovery and climate change to improving public health and adjusting to demographic changes, requires steering investments and innovation towards achieving concrete public purpose goals. This needs not just any type of finance but patient, long-term, and transformative public finance. It also demands strategic design and coordination of public policies and capable financial bureaucracies to steer finance towards meeting policy goals.  

IIPP is working closely with public banks, multilaterals, investment funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds and public financial authorities from around the world to transform their activities based on new theoretical and evidence-based insights into public purpose, financing of innovation and mission-oriented finance. IIPP has advised on the establishment of Scottish Investment Bank and published a number of policy reports exploring mission-oriented finance with case studies from various public financial institutions.

IIPP’s work on patient finance, public banking and governance looks at how diverse types of public financial institutions – from municipal to multilateral public banks – are helping to overcome economic, social, technological and ecological challenges; how different design features of public financial institutions affect their ability to operate successfully; where the multiple opportunities for new forms of public finance for public purpose exist around the world; what form financing policies can take and how these new policies and institutions affect and transform financial governance ‘toolbox’.

Policy implications

IIPP is working closely with public banks, multilaterals, investment funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds and public financial authorities from around the world to transform their activities based on new theoretical and evidence-based insights into public purpose, financing of innovation and mission-oriented finance.


Development Finance Institutions in Europe (DeFInE)

The Green Giant: New Industrial Strategy for Norway


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Working papers
Policy Reports and Briefs
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Book chapters
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