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The Institute for Innnovation and Public Purpose is founded and directed by Mariana Mazzucato.

Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose - People

The Institute will bring together an interdisciplinary group of academic staff and collaborators to rethink how public value is created, nurtured and evaluated.

Institute Director

Mariana Mazzucato
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Academic staff

Matteo Deleidi
Research Associate  
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Dan Hill
Visiting Professor
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Rainer Kattel
Deputy Director
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Andrea Laplane
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Laurie Macfarlane
Honorary Research Associate
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Tamsin Murray Leach
Honorary Research Associate
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Carlota Perez
Honorary Professor 
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Cassie Robinson
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Douglas Robinson
Honorary Senior Research Associate
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Victor Roy
Honorary Research Fellow
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Josh Ryan-Collins
Senior Research Associate
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June Sekera
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Gregor Semieniuk
Honorary Senior Research Associate
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PhD students

Tommaso Gabellini
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Simone Gasperin
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Advisory Board

Alan Penn
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Mike Bracken
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James K. Galbraith
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Jayati Ghosh
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Hermann Hauser
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Dan Hill
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Hadeel Ibrahim
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Roly Keating
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Stephanie Kelton
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Roger Martin
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Cornelia Parker
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Carlota Perez
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Jeffrey Sachs
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