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The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose: changing how public value is imagined, practiced and evaluated to tackle societal challenges.

Recent podcasts featuring IIPP 

Tech Tonic Podcast

Listen to the latest podcasts featuring discussions from the IIPP team

Catch up on the most recent podcasts featuring the IIPP team, including Mariana Mazzucato speaking on the Financial Times Tech Tonic and The Long Now Foundation podcasts. Listen here. 

IIPP and the British Library public lecture series

Innovation and the Welfare State

2019 series: Innovation and the Welfare State - Rethinking public services for the 21st century

This dynamic lecture series, in partnership with the British Library, brings together world-leading thinkers to debate how the 21st century welfare state requires rethinking healthcare, green growth, public access to knowledge and new forms of data ownership. Learn more.

2018 series: Rethinking public value and public purpose in 21st century capitalism

View the 2018 lecture series

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