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IIPP and the British Library public lecture series

2019 series coming soon...


2018 series: Rethinking public value and public purpose in 21st century capitalism

British Library Series 2018

Featuring luminaries from the worlds of arts, economics, architecture and design and policymaking, it considers the role of the public sector in today’s capitalist world and asks what partnerships are needed to address societal and technological challenges? How can public spaces be designed to create more democratic participation and new forms of learning and exploration? Does public necessarily mean free? Can the digital revolution create a new type of public realm?

The series features thought-leading speakers including leading architects and planners (Richard Rogers, Amanda Levete, Lucy Musgrave, Dan Hill, Finn Williams), digital strategists, artists and designers (Jeremy Till, Brian Eno, Mike Bracken), economists and social scientists (Stephanie Kelton, Jayati Ghosh, Rainer Kattel). 

View the Rethinking Public Value lecture series.

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