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UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) is working closely with policymakers and business partners from around the world to explore public value driven innovation.

Strategic Economics Alliance (SEA)

Strategic Economics Alliance
The Strategic Economics Alliance (SEA) is a global network aiming to create a stronger link between new economic thinking and new practice by elevating new voices that have been historically and structurally marginalized. The initiative sets out to establish a more direct link between women economists who are advancing new economic thinking and change-oriented practitioners, such as heads of state, ministers, and mayors. A critical component of SEA is to ensure that the lessons from these advisory experiences feed back into academic reflection, bringing academics and policymakers together to co-lead the vision and implementation of SEA. This includes collectively identifying opportunities, sharing innovations and learning, developing, and implementing new policies and programs, and analysing their implementation and impact. SEA was launched in June 2024. As this website continues being constructed, please visit regularly for updates and more. 
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Mission-Oriented Innovation Network (MOIN)


MOIN brings together leading global policymaking institutions to share the challenges and opportunities they face when trying to actively create and shape markets, not only fix them. Key to this activity is understanding how to create, nurture and measure public value. The network is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and forms a key policy engagement platform for EU Horizon2020 project on Growth Welfare Innovation Productivity (Growinpro).

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