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Rainer Kattel

Rainer Kattel is Deputy Director at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.

rainer kattel
Rainer is professor of innovation and public governance at IIPP.

He has studied at the University of Tartu, Estonia, and University of Marburg, Germany, in philosophy, political philosophy, classics and public administration.

He led Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance for 10 years, building it into one of the leading innovation and governance schools in the region.

Professor Kattel has also served on various public policy commissions, including the Estonian Research Council and European Science Foundation. He has worked as an expert for the OECD, UNDP and the European Commission. Currently, he leads the Estonian Government’s Gender Equality Council, and is a member of governing boards at Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Academy of Arts.

He has published extensively on innovation policy, its governance and specific management issues. His recent books include:

In 2013, he received Estonia's National Science Award for his work on innovation policy.

Research summary

Professor Kattel’s research focuses on organisational and institutional aspects of innovations and innovation policies.

His forthcoming book with Yale University Press on innovation bureaucracies will be the first book length study of these organisations. It shows how and why organisational issues (such as routines and capacities) are important for the success or failure of innovation policy.

His research on public sector innovations focuses on issues such as legitimacy and trust, key elements of innovative public services that have previously received scant attention. This line of research has also resulted in the first academic study of innovation labs in the public sector.

In innovation policy, he has studied the impact of new public management reforms and European Union architecture on innovation policy-making, as well as policy learning across borders. His paper on public procurement as an industrial policy tool won Best Paper Award at the World Procurement Conference in 2010.

He has also co-edited a key comparative volume on public procurement of innovation and a major volume on alternative economic theories.

Professor Kattel’s most recent research looks at how digital transformation processes influence public value creation.

Selected publications

To view all publications visit Prof Rainer Kattel's UCL profile.

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