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Matteo Deleidi

Matteo is an Honorary Research Fellow in Finance and Innovation at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.

Matteo Deleidi
Matteo will look at the macroeconomic implications of mission oriented innovation policies. Before joining UCL, he was a teaching assistant in macroeconomics at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy.

Dr Deleidi obtained his PhD in Political Economy in May 2016 at Roma Tre University, where he wrote a doctoral dissertation on the money creation process and the theory of investment, under the supervision of Professor Antonella Stirati.

During his PhD, he was a visiting researcher at the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. He worked under the supervision of Professor Giuseppe Fontana on the money creation process in the modern economies, combining a theoretical and empirical analysis for European countries.

Research summary

As a part of the DOLFINS Project, Dr Deleidi focuses his research on monetary theory, theories of economic growth and investment determination.

He is currently working on the quantitative easing and transmission mechanism of monetary policy with a focus on the UK.

He is also analysing the effects of monetary and fiscal policies and aggregate demand stimulus on technical progress, investment and GDP growth. His aim is to show how expansionary fiscal policies generate a virtuous circle of economic growth, fostering the development and diffusion of innovation process.

His research interests include technical progress, macroeconomics, monetary economics and theories of growth and distribution.

Key publications