Charges for Library Services

[Please note that some of these services are restricted. For more information see our services matrix.]

Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan charges

Prices vary depending on the urgency of the request and the type of material requested. They are based upon the charges levied by the British Library Document Supply Centre.

Photocopies & loans

Photocopy (up to 50 pages) or loan (for items which can be supplied by UCL libraries) £1
Photocopy (up to 50 pages) or loan (for items supplied from other sources) £4
Renewal of British Library loans £3.80


PhD Thesis, UK (from British Library only) £
PhD Thesis, North American  £
PhD Thesis, Foreign (from British Library only)  £
MSc Thesis (from student's home library, if obtainable)  £4

Items not held in the UK

Photocopies (worldwide search from British Library) £9 (£3 non-refundable)
Loans (worldwide search from British Library) £18 (£3 non-refundable)

Photocopying in the Library

The photocopier is cash-based 5p per A4 page
10p per A3 page


Printing from PCs in the Library 5p per sheet

Other charges

Lost and damaged books and journals, in print
full replacement cost
Lost and damaged books, out of print £70 or full replacement costs, whichever is greater
Prints of photographs £10 per print

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