UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Opening hours

Our standard opening hours and any scheduled changes are listed below. As we may have to occasionally alter our opening hours at short notice, always check this page before travelling.

Standard opening hours:

Remember to check for any short-term changes below.

  • Monday - 09.00-17.00.
  • Tuesday - 09.00-17:00.
  • Wednesday - 09:00-17.00.
  • Thursday - 09.00-17.00. 
  • Friday - 09.00-17.00. 
  • Saturday - Closed.
  • Sunday - Closed.

Changes to opening hours:

  • Thursday 14th July 2022: 09.00-13.00
  • Wednesday 20th July 2022: 09.00-12.00

Please note that due to a staff training day most UCL libraries will be closed on Thursday 14 July 2022. Please see the UCL Library website for further information.   

Accessing Queen Square Library:

  • Membership - the Queen Square Library remains open for UCL Library members only. For information about how to join, visit our using the Library webpage and FAQs
  • Covid restrictions - users must continue to maintain 1m social distancing.
  • Access to the building - if you are unable to access via the front door of the building, please phone 020 3448 4709 upon arrival at 23 Queen Square.

Accessing other UCL Libraries, study spaces and computers:

  • ION students can access desktop@ucl computers in the 2 cluster rooms in 7 Queen Square.
  • UCL Library members can access study spaces and computers in other UCL Libraries. For updates and information about library services across UCL, please check the UCL Library Services web site and always check the opening hours page before you travel to campus.
  • UCLH staff who are UCL Library members can access UCLH computers in UCL Cruciform Hub.
  • Some UCL Library sites have bookable group study and single study pods for UCL students.
  • UCL also offers Virtual Learning Spaces which enables UCL students to share a silent or social study room with other students.