Library Services


Scan and Send

This service allows UCL staff, students and NHS borrowers to request book chapters and journal articles (copyright permitting) that are held by Library Services to be scanned and emailed to you.

What can be requested?

Material held at the following locations can be requested:

  • Bartlett Library,
  • Cruciform Hub,
  • Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library,
  • Institute of Archaeology Library,
  • IOE Library,
  • Institute of Orthopaedics Library,
  • Joint Library of Ophthalmology,
  • Language & Speech Science Library,
  • Main Library,
  • Royal Free Hospital Medical Library,
  • Queen Square Library,
  • School of Pharmacy Library,
  • SSEES Library,
  • Science Library,
  • Store at Wickford.

How do I make a request?

Before submitting your request, please check that your request falls within copyright law limits, being:

  • One single chapter from a book or 10%, whichever is the greater.
  • One single article from a journal issue.

The process

  1. Search Explore for the title from which you would like a digitised extract.
  2. Ensure that you are logged in.
  3. Click on the Title of the item you require.
  4. If it is a journal also click on the Library that holds it.
  5. Click on the Scan and Send link in the request options.
  6. In the Pages to scan/article citation field enter the following details: article/chapter title, page numbers, volume, issue (failure to provide these details may lead to a delay in processing your request or in your request being rejected).
  7. Read the copyright declaration and then tick the box below.
  8. Finally, click the request button option to submit your request.

Please note only 5 active requests are allowed per person.


Who can use the Scan and Send service?

The service is only available for current UCL Students, Staff and NHS members with library borrowing rights.

I need more than one chapter. What should I do?

Current copyright regulations allow you to have to 1 chapter from a book or no more than 10% of the total work, whichever is greater. We will provide as much of an item as we can. If you need more than this allowance you will need to order the item via our Click and Collect service.

What if the journal volume for the article I need is not listed?

First check the 'Holdings:' line on the journal record as this shows which volumes are held by UCL Library Services; please ensure the one you require is held.

If we hold the volume you require then please place your request by clicking on the 'Scan and Send' link on the record (it does not have to be on the exact volume) and add in the 'Comments' section the volume and year you do require, as well as the page numbers.

If the Library does not have the volume you require, we recommend placing an Interlibrary Loan Request (please note there is a charge for this service).

Can I make a request for material that UCL Library Services holds electronically?

No. Scan and Send can only be fulfilled from the Library's print holdings.

Why was my request rejected?

Requests are rejected when they have exceeded the restrictions imposed by copyright law. If you want to query a specific request, please contact a member of the Scan and Send team.

What should I do if the material I need isn't available on the Library Catalogue?

You will need to request the material via the Inter-Library Loans service.

Can I share my scan with my classmates/students?

No. Scan and Send copies are for personal and private study only. If the chapter/article is required for teaching (e.g., appears on a reading list) then lecturers should make a Course Readings Service request.

Is Scan and Send faster than Click and Collect?

No. Click and Collect is faster than Scan and Send. If you are able to come into a library that is open to collect the material you need you should use Click and Collect. We aim to supply material via Scan and Send usually within two working days but this may take longer due to levels of demand and the location of stock.

Please note that scans for material held at the Institute of Orthopaedics Library may take longer to be delivered, owing to the distance that the items need to travel, as well as transport schedules. Please bear this in mind when ordering.

Will my request be emailed to me?

Yes. All Scan and Send requests will be emailed to your UCL email address with a link to dowload your request. You have 30 days to access this link before it expires and you can only click on this link 3 times before it locks you out. If you log into your UCL Library account on Explore and look at your current requests you will see the Scan and Send request as a 'Photocopy' and 'Pick Up: Digitization Department for Institution' this is just how the system displays it while it is in progress. Rest assured you will be emailed your Scan and Send request.

How do I find the contents pages of the book I need?

You can usually find the book's details on the publisher's website and also on websites like Library Hub Discover and WorldCat; also in Google Books and Amazon and other online bookshops and suppliers. If you cannot find the contents pages using the methods aforementioned then you can request them via Scan and Send.

Why do the historical collections of the Joint Library of Ophthalmology and Queen Square Library not have an option for Scan and Send?

Owing to the fragility of the material that forms these collections the decision has been made not to make them available for Scan and Send requests. If you would like to consult an item from these collections we recommend contacting the holding library directly at: