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As part of Customer Services the team is responsible for all centrally bookable rooms in UCL. Our main purpose is to facilitate the delivery of the core academic timetable.

The office ensures that the bookings for all these rooms are coordinated such that UCL is able to optimise its use of locally controlled departmental space and the centrally controlled rooms we look after. The office is responsible for liaising with all other associated services across these spaces such as the Digital Education team; Catering; Facilities and Work Place Services; UCL Security; and the Fabric and Projects teams.

Online Booking

Information about UCL's centrally-bookable space - including existing confirmed bookings, photographs and/or room panoramas, building locations and lists of equipment and features - is available to view on these web pages.

To submit a booking request UCL staff and UCLU societies should login to the Online Booking system using their UCL username and password. External clients should contact the Room and Conference Bookings Office by emailing roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.

It is only possible to view space in the current academic year. To enquire about availability in subsequent academic years please email roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that the use of central space is subject to your agreeing to all of the conditions which are referred to throughout the bookings process i.e. the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

The team are available from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday and is located on level 1 of Bidborough House. You can contact us via email roombookings@ucl.ac.uk or telephone 020 7679 1819 (extension 41819).

Please accept our apologies for the continuing delays in managing the online bookings requests.

The pressure to deliver the core teaching timetable has meant that the central Timetabling Team have been unable to release space for the Room Bookings Coordinators to confirm bookings requested using the online system. We are working to manage your experience of the system and will try to keep on top of requests. To that end we would appreciate your help in by asking that you only email us if it's essential.

If you have submitted a request it remains a request until we confirm or advise you of the lack of space. We are sorry that we not always able to confirm more than 24 hours in advance at present.

We will not be able to open up Term 3 bookings until after the Easter break. Can we ask you not to email for that period if the request is between 0900 and 1800 Monday through Friday.

Note for 2015/16 Timetabling

The creation of the academic timetable has been extremely complex this year and we would like to apologise for the necessary but unwelcome late notification of changes for modules and for our over-reliance on external venues to actually deliver spaces for teaching.

There are several initiatives underway to address these issues in partnership with the office of the VP Education but if you have any concerns or comments relating to the academic timetable please contact Gary Pearson on g.pearson@ucl.ac.uk.

Michael Clarke and the team are still in urgent need of any central space you may no longer need or for you to optimise locally managed space before you request central space. Please call if you can help us with either of these scenarios.


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