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Our objectives: to provide a clean and safe working environment for all UCL students, staff and visitors.

The UCL Cleaning Service carries out routine daily cleaning tasks to the buildings and departments on the Bloomsbury Campus. It can also provide support for functions and events as requested.

To assist you and to help us deliver the services you need we have provided answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions that we hope you will find useful.

  • What cleaning tasks are carried out?

    All floors are cleaned to be free of litter, dirt and dust, to leave a dry, clean and non-slip finish. Chairs, desks and soft-seating are cleaned to be free of dust, debris and stains. Desks and other surfaces will be cleaned where they are clear of paper and other items.

    Common areas are cleaned to be free from dust and marks.

    In washrooms we provide toilet rolls, paper towels or hand dryers, anti-bacterial soap and feminine hygiene bins in ladies' and unisex facilities. Floors and fittings including taps and door push plates are cleaned with a detergent and areas of high volume are checked at peak times.

    Waste containers are emptied, cleaned and the waste removed for correct disposal according to the nature of the waste - for further information please go to How do I dispose of my waste?

  • How do I request a cleaning task?

    Enquiries about cleaning services should be made by telephoning extension 30000 (020 7679 0000 externally), emailing efdservices@ucl.ac.uk or using the UCL Estates Service Request Form.

    If you are requesting a deep clean of an area, please give between 2-4 weeks notice.

  • How long will it take for the job to be done?

    We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within a set time where requested, otherwise we will respond as soon as is possible.

    Inevitably there will be times when a conflict of priorities arises or an emergency requires us to make an unscheduled response elsewhere but in such cases you will be contacted by a member of the Facilities Team to arrange a suitable alternative time.

    Given the varying types of request and the differing environments across the UCL Estate, where a job may be particularly complicated or there are access issues, then a team leader may visit the area to perform a risk assessment prior to the work taking place. Please bear this in mind when requesting a specific completion date. If your request is for work of a non-routine nature and/or requires the use of specialist contractors, then a programme and quotation will be provided before work commences.

  • When is the service available?

    Most of the normal daily cleaning service is carried out from 0500 Monday - Friday to ensure the Bloomsbury Campus is ready for use by 0830 on each working day. Support and response cleaning is undertaken throughout the day until approximately 1800, to ensure the Estate remains in a clean and safe condition. Support at other times may be possible subject to the nature of the requirement, on a rechargeable basis.

  • Do I have to pay for any of this service?

    There is no charge for the normal daily cleaning of Departmental accommodation. Should you require more specialist assistance or extra cleaning that requires additional resources, then you will be charged for those additional costs.

  • Are the windows cleaned?

    Yes. All windows are cleaned annually as part of the centrally-provided service.

  • How are laboratories cleaned?

    Laboratory managers are responsible for ensuring appropriate safety measures are in place to protect all individuals entering and working in laboratories, therefore UCL operates a safe access system under which only those laboratories displaying a current and recognised 'Safe to Clean' sign may be entered and cleaned. Where access is granted, Facilities Staff will clean floors and basins, empty bins and dispose of the waste in accordance with approved practice. For advice on hazardous waste disposal please please go to How do I dispose of my waste?

    Laboratory staff are responsible for the cleaning of work benches and equipment.

    It is emphasised that the management of hazardous material - biological, chemical and radioactive - remains the responsibility of the user Department.

  • How do I dispose of any waste materials?

    Any large waste material that cannot be disposed of in the normal rubbish bins can be disposed of separately through the Waste Disposal Service. Please contact the Customer Services Centre detailing the items to be removed by emailing efdservices@ucl.ac.uk, telephoning extension 30000 (020 7679 0000 externally) or using the UCL Estates Service Request Form.

  • The above does not answer my question. What should I do?

    If you have additional questions and concerns that are not covered here, please contact Facilities Services on 020 7679 7001 or 37001.


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