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Guidelines for Booking a Room at UCL

These guidelines are intended to help you book a centrally bookable room. Please use the related links in the right hand side to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of use and to help you plan your event and match it with the most appropriate space.

Please note that due to the extensive demand for centrally bookable rooms across the whole year we can only treat your submission as a request initially – the Room Bookings Team are responsible for confirming your booking but please accept our apologies for any delay in this process – the academic timetable will take priority over all other bookings – however we will aim to confirm your booking as soon as we can.  

Booking a Room

The design of the room which you book for your lecture or meeting and the equipment which you may use are critical for the success of your event. Some careful planning is therefore recommended to ensure that you know what is available at UCL and that the room and equipment, which are booked for you, match your requirements as closely as possible. Please pay particular attention to the available information around the accessible nature of the venue – if you are in any doubt please contact michael.clarke@ucl.ac.uk for advice on specific needs.

Step 1 - Identify all your requirements

Before contacting Room Bookings, it is important that you identify your requirements carefully and fully understand the conditions associated with the use of any UCL space. The following check-list below will ensure that you have considered all factors.

  • Please read and follow our Code of Practice using the links provided

  • All visiting speakers at meetings organised by students must come at the invitation of of a club or society recognised by UCLU or the Council and Committees of UCLU. Speaker may not be invited by a student or students individually.

  • Staff who wish to arrange a meeting or function which is not directly related to UCL’s academic or administrative business on UCL premises must submit a written request to roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.

The next section will explain how to check what is available in each room.

Room What size of room do you need? Is the shape of the room important? View all bookable rooms and space.

Will you need to rearrange tables and chairs? If so, please make sure you do not book a room with fixed seating and that you are able to reset the room if we have not agreed to do this on your behalf.

Do you want people to sit in rows or in a circle?

Do you want participants to sit round a large table?

Lighting Will you need to project slides or a video and therefore need efficient black out?

Will you need a white board or a black board?

Please remember to bring chalk or white board NON PERMANENT pens with you.

AV equipment

Visualiser or digital projection is provided in centrally bookable rooms as standard however please consider the equipment you intend to use and the ‘screens’ you may need/
For detail please contact the AV Centre as below.

Slide projector and screen 
Do you need dual projection to show slides side by side? 
This requirement should be discussed with staff in the AV Centre (ext 46677 or av-support@ucl.ac.uk). Please note that not all rooms are suitable.

Please ensure that your slides are in modern glass mounts. The AV Centre can advise if you are not sure that your slides are suitable for modern projectors.

Screen, TV and HDMI options?
Please consider what format do you need to display your materials.

IT equipment

If you require the use of IT and especially access to the UCL network and the Internet, you are strongly advised to discuss your requirements with the AV Centre prior to your lecture (ext 46677 or av-support@ucl.ac.uk).

Laptop and data projector 
Do you need to connect your laptop to a data projector?

Will both the software and your files be installed on the hard disk of your laptop?

Do you need your laptop to access the Internet?

Computer and data projector
Managed PCs are installed in a number of lecture theatres and they all have floppy, CD and Zip drives.

If you currently use the UCL staff WTS (Window Terminal Service), you can login using the same userid and password. If not, please contact the AV Centre.


If you need refreshments of any kind to be provided at the beginning or in the middle of your lecture, it is essential to enquire about available options and to confirm the booking sufficiently in advance.

Room Bookings can advise (ext 41819 or roombookings@ucl.ac.uk).

Step 2 - Check Availability

You are advised to log on to the Room Bookings web pages to see the availability of rooms on specific dates and to check what equipment is permanently available in such rooms.

You can do this directly on the appropriate room bookings page. You will have be able to choose one of the links to Lecture Theatres, Teaching Rooms or Other Rooms.

The information available on these pages will be as follows:

  • the availability of each room for the next three months (click on Diary on the right-hand side)
  • the list of equipment, which is available in the room (click on Info on the right-hand side)
  • the images of each room (click on Photo on the right-hand side)

Step 3 - Book room/equipment/catering

  • Please provide UCL Room Bookings with all the details of your requirements for hardware and software as well as audio-visual equipment. This is critical to ensure that you are allocated a room with the right equipment for your event. You may be asked to speak directly with staff responsible for technical services to ensure IT compatibility.

  • If you do book your room via a departmental secretary or administrator, it is important that you are precise in your requirements for AV or IT equipment. You are advised to check that your needs have been understood and communicated fully to Room Bookings.

  • Confirmation of bookings will be sent by either email or hard copy. Please check this confirmation for inaccuracies or omissions.

  • Book a time prior to the lecture if you are unfamiliar with the room to check the room and the equipment.

  • If assistance from a member of the Audiovisual Centre is required for the beginning of your lecture or for a prior session, please book this directly with the AV (ext 46677 or av-support@ucl.ac.uk).

The Room and Conference Bookings Office is open from 8am to 7pm, Monday - Friday.
Requests to book rooms may be made by telephone 020 7679 1819 (ext 41819) or by emailing roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.

When booking a room by email, please remember to include:

  • the date(s) of your booking
  • start time and end time
  • number of participants
  • preferred room/type
  • and for teaching events, the module/course code.

Problems during an event

If you experience difficulties in a centrally bookable room you should call the telephone numbers which are displayed in all rooms. All centrally bookable rooms are equipped with a telephone for outgoing calls only. If in doubt please call the Customer Services Centre on 0207 679 0000.

Our emergency event hotline is 07464 498915.

After you have used the room

Please return the room to its original configuration as per the diagrams displayed. We do not have the resources to prepare each room for each event unless this has been agreed for an individual booking. For student and academic timetable bookings we require users to return the room to its defined layout and to remove any debris and personal items.

Please send your requests/suggestions/feedback to roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.

Room Bookings staff will contact the appropriate team depending on the nature of the communication. You will be sent feedback by email within two working days of your message being received to acknowledge receipt and to inform you of the action taken or to explain the reason for possible delays.




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