Book a centrally bookable room

Information on booking centrally bookable rooms.

Before you start

You’ll need:  

  • a UCL internet connection (on the premises, or remotely via Desktop@UCL Anywhere)
  • access to the CMISGo booking system
  • your UCL user ID and password
  • the name and organisation of any external speaker(s) you plan to have at your event. 

Be aware:

  • Only permanent members of staff have access to CMISGo. If you're not a permanent member of staff and need access, contact your departmental administrator.
  • A digital projector screen is provided as standard in UCL's centrally bookable rooms. If you require additional IT support or equipment at your event, please discuss your requirements with UCL's AV Centre in advance by calling UCL ext 46677 or emailing av-support@ucl.ac.uk. The Event Support team will not be able to help you with IT issues. 
  • You should not use CMISGo to book teaching events. CMISGo bookings will not appear on students' timetables.
  • The IOE building, 20 Bedford Way has a fire alarm test every Monday at 10:30. 
  • IOE 20 Bedford Way is undergoing major refurbishment which means there may be noise during your booking in 2023. High intensity drilling into the concrete core structure is limited to before 9, 1-2pm and after 5. Otherwise noise which includes drilling and hammering may also be heard outside these hours. To request the weekly Noise Forecast, please email io.masterplan@ucl.ac.uk or see IOE signage. If you are booking for another person, please ensure they are aware of the noise issues.
1. Log into CMISGo

You’ll need to have access to be able to log into the system.

2. Search for a room

You can search for rooms by location and capacity. 

3. Choose a room

Choose a room from the search results.

4. Add any additional UCL contacts

Adding another contact to the booking will send an email to them and create an event in their CMISGo timetable. 

5. Add any external speakers into CMISGo

You must give notice of any external speakers who’ll be speaking at your event. This is so that UCL can assess any potential risk relating to the event. 

6. Confirm your booking

Add the title of your event and confirm your booking.

7. If you’re looking for a specific room or building

Follow these instructions if you know which room or building you're looking for.

8. Book poster boards (for an event)

A limited number of poster boards are available. Please contact the Room Bookings team with your portering request to arrange the allocation and set up of poster boards for your event. Please be aware that your posterboard order may be reduced in high demand or exceptional circumstances.

9. Cancel a room booking

Choose this task if you need to cancel a room booking. Please remember to cancel any rooms you no longer require for your event.