Book poster boards (for an event)

Poster boards are 2m x 1m, double-sided and subject to availability. They can be portrait or landscape. 

Due to a very limited number of available posterboards, there is a strict max limit of 10 posterboards per event. 

Before you start

  • Rooms will only be prepared for an event when this has been agreed in advance so please consider other users by returning any room you use to its defined layout and removing any debris and personal items.
  • Dimensions of the posterboards are 2 metres x 1 metre, double sided. They can be used landscape or portrait, singly or joined (please specify in your booking request). No pins or fixings are provided.  
  • Flip charts or stands are not provided and you will need to bring these with you.
  • Poster boards should not be placed outside and sign stands should not be left in the open overnight. Damage to UCL equipment or property, caused during an event, will be recharged to the event organisers.
  • Room bookings can arrange room set ups/portering and poster boards for centrally bookable rooms (mainly social spaces). Please give a minimum of 2 days notice. Please complete the request by clicking here.
  • If the room is at the IOE 20 Bedford Way or not centrally bookable then please create a request for protering through UCL Estates using MyCampus. Further information can be found on the MyCampus webpage
  • Please note the porters (Sodexo) work Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00. If you require portering outside of these hours there may be a charge and you will need to agree a quote with Sodexo via Juan.GaleanoPerafan@sodexo.com.
  • If you require assistance with re-arranging the room layout in social spaces, please contact the Room Booking team on 020 3108 7577 (UCL ext 57577) or by emailing roombookings@ucl.ac.uk.
1. If you require a poster board in a non-centrally bookable space

You will need to raise a service request. 

2. If you require a poster board in a centrally bookable space

You will need to contact the room booking team. Please be aware that there are a limited number of posterboards available. Your posterboard order may be reduced in high demand or exceptional circumstances.