Request a porter / Get something moved within UCL

The UCL Portering Service is able to carry out light removals and deliveries and the setting up of rooms for functions and events. To request a porter service, you will need to raise a service request with the Estates Customer Helpdesk.

Before you start

You will need:

  • your UCL username and password;
  • contact details – with an alternative point of contact if possible;
  • date you would like the work carried out;
  • building and room details; and
  • descriptions – list of the items to be collected. Please give as much detail about the items as you can (size, weight, etc).

Please give at least five working days notice.

To raise a building issue or to request help from the Estates team: 

  • Fill in a service request form, making sure that you include all the details requested above.
  • The Estates customer team will process your report within 24 hours and send you a unique job reference number.