Book a room

This is the complete list of tasks related to room bookings. If you're unsure of how to book a room to meet your specific need, you can find out here.

Before you start

You’ll need:  

  • a UCL internet connection (on the premises, or remotely via Desktop@UCL Anywhere)

Please read the following booking rules about booking a room at UCL:

  • Remember to cancel any bookings you no longer need. 
  • Only book rooms for the appropriate length of time and number of attendees you need. 
  • Unoccupied rooms still need to be booked.
  • The room bookings team may ask you to be flexible with your booking if there’s an important UCL event.
  • A digital projector screen is provided as standard in UCL's centrally bookable rooms. If you require additional IT support or equipment at your event, please discuss your requirements with UCL's AV Centre in advance by calling UCL ext 46677 or emailing av-support@ucl.ac.uk. The Event Support team will not be able to help you with IT issues. 
  • You can only book rooms for the current academic year. Room availability for the next academic year opens at the end of August. If you need to book rooms in the next academic year for annual events, large events or conferences or VIP events, please contact the room booking team directly: roombookings@ucl.ac.uk, 020 3108 7577 (UCL ext 57577).

Choose a task from the list below.

1. Book a centrally bookable room

You can book most rooms at UCL through the CMISGo booking system. To book a room through CMISGo, choose this task.

2. Book a social space or room that is not on the booking system

You will need to book certain rooms and spaces through the Room Bookings team, because they’re not available to book on CMISGo. 

3. Book a conference room

UCL staff interested in booking UCL conference spaces should use the UCL room booking service via CMISGo.

4. Book an external speaker

All visiting speakers at meetings organised by students must come at the invitation of a club or society recognised by UCLU or the council and committees of UCLU. This is so we can access the risks involved. 

5. Book a meeting room through Outlook (OWA)

You can book meeting rooms through Outlook. This task explains how to book a room and send a meeting invite through Outlook Web Access (OWA). 

6. Book teaching space

CMISgo bookings will not appear on students' timetables. To book teaching space for a modular accredited teaching course, you’ll need to contact your departmental timetabler. 

7. Book an IOE PC lab

The IOE PC labs (cluster rooms) are in the IOE library. Choose this task if you need to book one.

8. Cancel a room booking

Choose this task if you need to cancel a room booking.

9. Book catering for an event or meeting

This task explains how to book catering for your event through the 'Food at UCL' hospitality site, which is run by our caterers Gather&Gather. 

10. Request security for an event

Choose this task if you need to request security staff for an event.

11. Book poster boards (for an event)

Poster boards are available for hire for events for £10 and will need to be requested in advance.